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A point and click, puzzle adventure game set in the magical world of Panmorphia. Wield the Amulet and transform into one of the four animals that represent the four elements. Each change also brings a unique perspective of the world.

The Legend of Panmorphia
The legend goes that in each generation a child is born, a sentinel, bound to the land of Panmorphia and the four elements that govern it.

The sentinels have the ability to wield each element and transform themselves into an animal that best represents it.

With the use of the amulet they are able to combine all four elements and travel through the aether.

They are called upon for help in times of need...


  • A point and click, puzzle adventure game
  • A beautiful world to discover
  • Morph into a cat, bird or fish and gain unique perspective in the world
  • Many items to collect and puzzles to solve
  • Dynamic map and notebook that track your discoveries
  • An 'Easy Mode' for those wanting a more relaxed gaming experience
  • An 'Arrows' navigation option
  • A Hint System that gives you the next task and highlights the location on the map
  • Original soundtrack and sound effects



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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 - 64bit



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