Unsolved Mystery Club®: Ancient Astronauts® Collector's Edition

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This game will be available 8/17/2011

Unsolved Mystery Club®: Ancient Astronauts® Collector's Edition is a thrilling hidden object game. Five of your fellow explorers have disappeared while searching for evidence of Ancient Astronauts®. Join the Unsolved Mystery Club® on the hunt for these missing explorers and unlock secrets of the past. Explore exotic locations around the world and uncover artifacts supporting the existence of visitors from other worlds. Solve puzzles, master perplexing mini-games, and collect artifacts as you gather evidence to answer this question: Who are the Ancient Astronauts®?

The Collector's Edition includes:
  • An integrated strategy guide
  • A bonus level
  • Concept art
  • The soundtrack


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Operating System

Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP


Pentium - 1000MHz or better

Video Card RAM


DirectX Version

8.0 or above

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