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Sticky Linky
Test your matching skills with Sticky Linky, a super wacky puzzle game! Evolution has led to colored globs bobbing above and below the ocean floor, attempting to develop into a higher form of life. It's your job to match the globs to create new creatures and then save them before a hungry fish swallows them whole! Plan your moves in advance and watch out for the soap bubbles, which will soar off with your globs; use the power-ups wisely. Can you beat every level to become the king of the globs?

Lost Head
We've heard of losing your head, but this is taking it to a whole new level! Twist and turn your way through this physics-based puzzler to reunite Franken-stitch with his glorious dome. Help Franken-Stitch reclaim his head by using realistic interactive objects on 72 challenging levels spanning five awesome worlds! Let the good times - and the Franken-heads - roll! Life is hard when your noggin won't stay sewn to your shoulders!

Goblin Defenders: Steel 'n' Wood
Ogres, spiders and evil spirits are coming for you! Will you survive? In Goblin Defenders: Steel 'n' Wood, battle hordes of monsters from all angles! Start with three guns and steadily upgrade your arsenal as the game progresses. But, you must beware! The game increases in difficulty as enemies approach from more and more directions! Your survival will depend on your ability to make the right choices when upgrading your weapons and towers

Slingshot Puzzle
You've never played a puzzle game like this! Draw back your crossbow and unleash your ball! Your goal in Slingshot Puzzle is to sink it in the hole and collect all the gems on the way! Like a combination of pinball and golf (with fans, switches, rotating blocks and other mechanisms to help or hinder you), this puzzle game will have your gears turning! Featuring beautiful 2D graphics, simple point-and-click gameplay, and dozens of addictive levels, you'll have hours of fun with Slingshot Puzzle!

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Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7



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8.1 or above

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