Mystery Solitaire: Powerful Alchemist 2

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Return to the Middle Ages and become a powerful alchemist! This is the new sequel to the Mystery Solitaire series!

In the game you will find 200 levels in 20 locations, for the passage of which you will receive unique potions. 200 levels is a lot of fun to play every day! The unique balance of the game and the complexity of the levels will allow you to enjoy the game and exercise your mind.

  • Levels that are fun to solve!
  • Solitaire card game - collect a chain of cards!
  • Colorful graphics and theme music - the perfect solitaire game!
  • Draw cards faster, thanks to the joker - increase the multiplier combo!
  • Collect more coins!
  • Collect 15 alchemical solutions!
  • Original themed decks and 12 card shirt styles!


8Floor LTD

Game Languages

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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.0 GHz or higher



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