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Crow Smasher: Simple but challenging!

Crow Smasher is a free online web game that you can play on your browser. It is a fun puzzle game where you have to aim your cannon and throw balls at the bad birds that are making a mess in the neighborhood. You can enjoy 36 levels of fun and challenge as you try to get rid of the crows and have a peaceful night's sleep.

How to Play Crow Smasher

Crow Smasher is a simple but challenging game in which you have to destroy the crows on the platforms with the help of a cannon. Just position and aim the cannon at the crows to shoot the pebbles. You have to use your skills and strategy to hit the birds and clear all the levels.

Crow Smasher Controls

Set the cannon at the desired position using the cannon slider control, then drag left or right carefully to set the cannon angle and power, release to make the cannon fire the pebbles. You can also use your mouse or touch screen to control the cannon.

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