Ludo Classic: A Dice Game

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Ludo Classic: A Dice Game is an online version of the world-famous board game. Players can choose between the A.I. mode and play against the computer, or select the Versus mode to play against other players. Once the player has selected the game mode, they can also choose which rule variations they want to play by.

The aim is to travel around the board with the four pawns and reach the finish first. Players must throw a six before they are able to move a pawn from the start zone onto the cross-shaped board. The pawn must travel around the board before it can enter the safe zone and reach the finish. While the pawns are on the board, the other players can try the strike off the other pawns by landing on the same square. This will send them back to the start zone, and the player will have to throw six again to bring the pawn back into play.



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