Mahjong Connect

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Mahjong Connect - Connect the Tiles and Clear the Board in this Free Puzzle Game

Do you love mahjong and puzzle games? Then you will love Mahjong Connect, the free tile-matching puzzle game that will test your skills and speed. Mahjong Connect is a fun and addictive game that you can play solo or with your friends.

In Mahjong Connect, you have to connect the mahjong pieces and clear the board before the time runs out. You can connect pairs of tiles that are adjacent to each other or on the outer edge of the board. You can also use one of your five hints if you need some help. But be careful, the game gets harder as you progress through the 12 levels of difficulty.

Mahjong Connect is not your typical mahjong game. It is a solitaire game that uses the same traditional tile images as the Chinese Mahjong game, but with a twist. There are many variations of Mahjong Connect, some with shuffling tiles, and some with wildcard tiles that have special functions. You will never get bored with Mahjong Connect, as each game is different and challenging.

Mahjong Connect is more than just a puzzle game. It is a game that will improve your concentration, memory, and logic. It is also a game that will relax you with its soothing music and beautiful graphics. Play Mahjong Connect today and enjoy the best tile-matching puzzle game ever!



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