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Play the most explosive Free Online Web Game!

Do you love race cars and guns? Then you will love this game! Blast your way through enemy cars and bosses with your powerful race car guns. Use power ups to deal even more damage and survive longer!

Upgrade and unlock more destructive cars!

The further you get, the more you can upgrade and unlock more destructive cars. Enjoy epic effects and power ups while hunting the new bosses and get achievements for it!

Avoid obstacles and gather power ups from special enemies!

As you play this Free Online Web Game, you will face more challenges and obstacles. Avoid them and gather power ups from destroyed special enemies. Defeat bosses at the end of levels to progress further.

Rule the roads!

  • Endless gameplay!
  • 22 achievements!
  • 5 unlockable cars!
  • 10 bosses to battle!

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