Around The World With The Johnson Family

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Explore the world with the Johnsons! While having a great time visiting different places around the world, you will also explore its spirit and culture. You can collect albums with animals' photos for your memories. At each level, there are two locations to visit.

There are ten different mini games. There are two card games - memory and solitaire game. You should clear the board in mahjong game; find 15 differences in the scene; play clutter game. You should find a path from the labyrinth, explore new different locations by solving jigsaw puzzles, unblock wooden tiles in amazing match 2 game to see next locations, find collections of different groups of animals, find two matching objects to clean the board.

There are three game modes - EASY (no time limit, no misclick penalties), NORMAL (time limit, no misclick penalties) and HARD (time limit, misclick penalties). In settings menu you can chose if you want scrambled words and/or missed letters.

Earn more coins by finding the morphing object in each level!

  • Gather amazing collections!
  • Enjoy beautiful graphics and exciting mini games!
  • Find the differences it the scene!
  • Play challenging mahjong puzzles!
  • Clean up the clutter!
  • Explore new different locations by solving puzzles!
  • Solve amazing match 2 games!
  • Repeat favorite levels!

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Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.5 GHZ or higher



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