City of Stories: Stephan's Journey Collector's Edition

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City of Stories: Stephan's Journey Collector's Edition

CharacterStep into a world where every choice weaves the tapestry of a young man's destiny in City of Stories: Stephan's Journey Collector's Edition. This Hidden Object Adventure game, perfect for casual gamers, unfolds a narrative-rich experience set against the backdrop of England's picturesque countryside during the Tudor period.

A Tale of Tenacity and Triumph!

Young Stephan stands at a crossroads, with his family's farm teetering on the brink of ruin after a series of poor harvests. With courage in his heart and determination in his step, he bids farewell to his loved ones and ventures into the bustling city. His goal? To carve out a prosperous future and safeguard his family's legacy.

Your Decisions, Stephan's Future:

  • Craft Stephan's Coming-of-Age Story: Navigate through life's intricate maze and help Stephan make pivotal decisions that will shape his journey from a farmhand to a city stalwart.
  • Engage with a Cast of Characters: Encounter a diverse array of individuals, from the wise Anna to the seasoned Captain, the enigmatic Olgerd, and the spirited Kai. Choose how Stephan interacts with them, for not all have his best interests at heart.
  • Explore and Discover: Delve into rich Hidden Object scenes across the countryside and high seas. Unearth unique items that bring you closer to saving Stephan's family farm.
  • Immerse in Addictive Gameplay: Revel in beautiful graphics and fantasy adventures that captivate both adults and younger audiences who relish a good pirate ship tale.

Special Collector's Edition Bonuses and Features:

  • Embark on an additional journey with a young orphan in the Bonus Chapter.
  • Craft your preferred narrative with the help of a comprehensive strategy guide.
  • Revisit and enjoy your favorite mini-games, along with unlimited Match-3 fun.
  • Collect cards and earn coins to invest in farmhouse upgrades.
  • Indulge in exclusive wallpapers, music, videos, and concept art that bring the Tudor period to life.

Will Stephan rise to become a hero of his own tale? Will he save his family's farm and secure their future? The power is in your hands. Play City of Stories: Stephan's Journey Collector's Edition and write a story of hope, hard work, and heritage.


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