Crossroad of Worlds: Magic Stars

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Crossroad of Worlds: Magic Stars

Do Games returns with the highly anticipated sequel to Crossroad of Worlds: 100 Doors with Crossroad of Worlds: Magic Stars!

What do you know about the stars? Are they simply balls of concentrated hot gas, or is there something more that lies beyond our view? Join Dreyer Crowley, the guardian of magical worlds, on this epic journey to discover the secrets of the stars!

You'll embark on a twisted trip through the vast cosmos to a place where memories have been stolen, and uncovering the mysteries of the universe may be the only way to restore order! Gather your courage for this mind-bending hidden-object adventure!

  • Fabulous new worlds to discover and explore!
  • Dozens of clever puzzles that will challenge your skills!
  • Cross paths with quirky characters from the series!
  • Brilliantly styled original artwork!

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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


2.0 GHz or higher



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