Crossroad of Worlds: Star Riddle Collector's Edition

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Crossroad of Worlds: Star Riddle Collector's Edition

Rejoin the detective's investigation into a series of star thefts from across the universe! Interrogate a devious villain to discover who hired him and why, then prepare to set out on an adventure across multiple worlds in search of the true mastermind! But beware because it's no easy task!

Clues are scarce, whoever is behind this has plenty of tricks up his sleeves, and millions of lives are at stake! Can you put an end to his sinister scheme?

  • Enjoy the unique atmospheres of a variety of locations!
  • Cross paths with familiar faces from other favorite series!
  • Exciting, satisfying puzzles! 

Special Collector's Edition bonuses and features:

  • Help Caitlin find her lost love once again in the bonus chapter!
  • Relive the adventure with a colorful collection of wallpapers!
  • Jam along to the sounds of the stars with an exclusive music player!
  • Peek behind the scenes with a collection of concept art!

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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.6 GHZ or higher



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