Immortal Love: Polar Lights

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Description: Ragnarök has arrived! Can you stop the destruction of the Shining World in time? Friendly Fox brings Norse mythology to life in Immortal Love: Polar Lights!

You're off to the Midgard Fair! It's the perfect opportunity for you to make some money selling goods for your upcoming wedding. But your plans are quickly derailed when Loki, God of mischief, accidentally turns your fiancé into a wolf! But more than just your own future is at stake.

Someone's bent on destroying the Shining World, gods, and humans alike. Can you stop the prophecy of Ragnarök from coming true in time? Find out in this spell-binding Hidden-Object Puzzle adventure!

Join the quest for the Wellspring of Wisdom! Help undo the curse on Loki - and restore Astrid's memory! Find collectible animals and morphing objects in every scene!

  • Stop Ragnarök from destroying the Shining World!
  • Enjoy gorgeous scenes brought to life with original artwork!
  • Tackle tons of mini-games and hidden-object puzzles!
  • Explore new and exciting locations to learn about Norse Mythology!

For casual players who love puzzles, hidden-object games, and challenging adventures, Immortal Love: Polar Lights promises an addictive gameplay experience with beautiful scenery. Embark on a journey through Midgard Fair, where gods, curses, and secrets await. Will you rewrite destiny and prevent Ragnarök? Dive into the world of Norse mythology and uncover hidden truths!

Remember, the fate of the Shining World rests in your hands!


Big Fish Games

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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.9 GHz or higher



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