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Neptune's Secret is a delightful underwater hidden object adventure. As a baby, Hannah was abandoned on the steps of the Convent of Ascension with only an amulet to indicate her parentage. As an adult, she has become a well-known archaeologist, specializing in ancient artifacts and symbols. Summoned by the Abbess, she returns to the water to uncover the mysterious city of Atlantis and its many hidden secrets. As Hannah discovers the truth behind Atlantis' demise, she reveals an even greater secret about her own lineage: her amulet is the key to restoring Neptune's full powers. Can you prevent Neptune from destroying the world, and solve the many hidden puzzles that lie deep within the sea? Play Neptune's Secret to find out!


Gogii Games

Game Languages

Release Date


Operating System

Windows XP or Vista


Pentium - 900MHz or better



DirectX Version

8.1 or above

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