Royal Romances: Endless Winter

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Royal Romances: Endless Winter

CharacterDo Games, the studio that brought you Royal Romances: Battle of the Woods is back with the highly anticipated sequel, Royal Romances: Endless Winter!

Eternal winter has descended upon the kingdom, and cold and hunger have driven people from their homes in search of a sanctuary. How long can this go on until there's nobody left in the forest? During these troubled days, when the guardian of the forest finds it particularly challenging to oversee the well-being of the lands under her care, an elf named Maryelle comes looking for help. The young elf's brother disappeared around the time when the unnatural freeze gripped the kingdom.

Could it be a coincidence, or does he hold the secret behind the kingdom's slow demise to the devastating cold? It's up to you to bring back the sun and the once-lavish forest greenery.

  • Defeat various cunning enemies and unravel the mystery of the frozen kingdom!
  • Explore a vibrant and magical world in beautiful detail!
  • Conquer tons of clever mini-games and hidden-object scenes!
  • Follow the epic story as it unfolds around you!

Game Languages

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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.6 GHZ or higher



DirectX Version

9.0 or above

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