Shopping Clutter 11: Magical Garden

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Help the Walkers to arrange a fairy-tale space for outdoor classes!

Animalville School principal Uncle Turkey decided he wanted to encourage the children's talents. He had the bright idea of arranging a playground near the school for holding classes, in art, reading, music and natural science, all in a fairy-tale atmosphere that would be perfect for the students.

Uncle Turkey wasn't sure how to accomplish his goal and decided to turn to the Walkers for help! The family has lots of ideas on how to make a playground really special and magical but they won't be able to find all the necessary things without your help!

Shopping Clutter 11: Magical Garden includes 140 clutter puzzles where the player has to find the necessary objects in the mess. In addition, the patient and attentive players will get access to 20 bonus levels of different puzzles.

Shopping Clutter 11: Magical Garden is an amazing, colorful brain-jogging game for players of all ages!

  • 200 more NEW items to play with!
  • 140 clutter puzzles and 20 additional puzzles
  • Relaxing sounds and music masterpieces for enjoyable gameplay
  • Favorite characters and funny dialogues
  • Immerse yourself into a magical atmosphere


JetDogs Studios

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Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.0 GHz or higher



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