Shopping Clutter 16: Happy Birthday

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Birthdays are every kid's favorite holiday. They come with loads of gifts, birthday cake, games, entertainments, and lots of fun. Plus all your family and friends focus on you. It's definitely the best day of the year! The youngest Walker is just like every other kid. Little Hare has really been looking forward to his eighth birthday. And all his family wants to make this a day he'll never forget!

The weather is going to be amazing, lots of friends and relatives are going to come by and wish the little Hare happy birthday. That's why the Walkers chose their spacious backyard as the party location. Now they need to decorate the lawn and get all the food before the guests arrive.

This is a very important, challenging task, so the family needs a clever, talented helper who can find the perfect items, even in the midst of complete chaos. Are you ready to show your best skills? Play "Shopping Clutter 16: Happy Birthday" and give little Hare the birthday party he's always dreamed of!

  • NEW party-themed items to play with!
  • 140 "clutter" puzzles and 20 additional puzzles
  • Relaxing sounds and music masterpieces for enjoyable gameplay!
  • Favorite characters and funny dialogues!
  • Colorful graphics and real challenges!
  • Birthday cake, greetings from relatives, and festive atmosphere!
  • Learn what the main little Hare's birthday present is!


JetDogs Studios

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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.0 GHz or higher



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