Shopping Clutter 26: Christmas Rocks

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Shopping Clutter 26: Christmas Rocks

In the rapidly growing and developing beautiful town of Animalville, a local television channel has opened. It is small, humble, and not widely recognized, but all of that is going to change come Christmastime. The team over at AnimalTV decided to invite the Walker family to be a part of a unique TV show called 'The Walkers' Christmas Special.'

As the most beloved and famous family in town, the Walkers are going to be extraordinary hosts for the evening, and they might even perform a couple of songs. As for the theme, decorations, and the guest list, everybody has settled on the stylistic theme of the good old rockin' '70s. What could be better than Christmas dancing in leather jackets to the sounds of guitar chords and the fun jokes of the Walker family?

The Walkers are already in talks with rock 'n' roll legends about participating in the show, selecting songs, and writing the script. But that's not enough - they also need to find props, decorate the stage, and dress up. Without your keen eyes and quick hands, it's impossible to do it all. Rock this Christmas with the Walkers! Play Shopping Clutter 26: Christmas Rocks right now!

  • Explore New Christmas-themed Items!
  • Play 140 "clutter" puzzles and 20 additional puzzles!
  • Enjoy relaxing sounds and music masterpieces!
  • Colorful graphics and real challenges for all the fans of puzzles
  • Favorite characters and funny dialogues!
  • Festive atmosphere, rock, and Christmas spirit!
  • Become a rock star with the Walkers!


JetDogs Studios

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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.6 GHZ or higher



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