Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 9 Collector's Edition

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Spend a sensational Summer helping the Rangers run Pinecreek Hills & Buffalo Valley National Parks. Help people become Volunteer Rangers. Organise events on beautiful lakes, rivers and trails. Ride the new Bluewaters Queen Steamboat. Explore the exciting Pueblo & Whistling Canyon. Camp and Picnic beside Golden Bayou, explore atmospheric Waterfalls, Caves, enchanted Gorges and Gorgeous outdoor locations. Enjoy fabulous scenery, have Campfires, spot Bears, Deer and Eagles. See Pinecreek's historic buildings and landmarks. Win the National Challenge.

Play great HOGS & Puzzles, Spot 100's of Animals, Birds, Fish and Wildlife. Protect the environment, get Souvenirs and Awards along the way!

  • TWO Sensational Parks to Explore
  • 3 Modes, Casual, Challenge, Extreme!
  • Gorgeous HOGS, Graphics & Gameplay
  • CE Puzzles, Wallpapers, Music Player
  • Unique Fully Illustrated Wildlife Notebook
  • Enjoy a Park Ranger's fabulous Lifestyle
  • Interactive Map for Scene Replay & Rewards


Casual Arts

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1.0 GHz or higher



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