Wilde Investigations: The Zoo Kerfuffle Collector's Edition

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Wilde Investigations: The Zoo Kerfuffle Collector's Edition

Join Artemis Wilde, the acclaimed Zoo Detective, in Wilde Investigations: The Zoo Kerfuffle Collector's Edition, where mystery and animal antics collide in a delightful Hidden Object adventure. As Monkey Day approaches, a local zoo's jubilant plans are thrown into disarray by an enigmatic intruder. It's up to you and your unique ability to converse with the animal kingdom to solve this kerfuffle and ensure the festivities go off without a hitch.

Collector's Edition Exclusives:

  • Animal Whispers: Uncover the zoo animals' secrets with Artemis Wilde's extraordinary talent.
  • Replayable Challenges: Dive back into Hidden-Object Puzzles and mini-games, unlocking the Secret Puzzle as you go.
  • Zoo Treasures: Collect achievements and find hidden collectibles throughout the zoo's vibrant habitats.
  • Exclusive Downloads: Earn in-game currency to acquire unique soundtracks and wallpapers, enhancing your gaming experience.
  • Strategy Guide: Always know your next move with a guide that keeps you on track in the zoo's unfolding story.

Game Highlights:

  • Zoo Detective Adventure: Utilize your detective skills to save Monkey Day from unforeseen chaos.
  • Engaging Gameplay: Immerse yourself in an investigation filled with more Hidden-Object Puzzles and mini-games than ever before.
  • Paw Points: Earn paws with each play to purchase whimsical animal-themed items in the shop.
  • Creature Communication: Engage with the zoo's charming inhabitants to piece together the puzzle of the mysterious happenings.


  • Showcase your detective prowess and save the day in a zoo like no other.
  • Revel in an array of Hidden-Object Puzzles and mini-games that promise endless fun.
  • Collect paws and indulge in a shopping spree for exclusive animal-themed merchandise.
  • Converse with adorable creatures and unravel the mystery behind the kerfuffle.

Set in a delightful zoo setting, Wilde Investigations: The Zoo Kerfuffle Collector's Edition is perfect for players who relish delightful stories, engaging investigations, and puzzles that challenge both mind and spirit. Will you help Artemis Wilde communicate with the animals and save Monkey Day? Play now and let the investigation begin!


Big Fish Games

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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


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