Amanda's Magic Book 7: The Way of Belaii

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Amanda's Magic Book 7: The Way of Belaii

Amanda has been on many adventures in a variety of magical lands, but her strangest adventure is now at hand. An ancient manuscript found by her anthropologist uncle tells the story of a long-lost civilization that once lived on the Earth. Captivated by the story, Amanda wonders what happened to that civilization and wishes she had a chance to save them. Little does she know that she might get her wish.

Transported into the world of the manuscript, Amanda, her uncle, and Charlie find themselves in a strange past unlike anything they've ever imagined. There, the peaceful Belaii people live in harmony with nature... but a new enemy is approaching, and their peaceful lives are about to come to an end.

Can Amanda help them overcome their fate?

  • An exciting new adventure within the pages of an ancient text said to be about Earth's own long-forgotten past.
  • Meet new friends and dangerous enemies as Amanda and Charlie find their way in a mysterious land.
  • Complete fun match-3 puzzles to gather resources and unlock new story upgrades.
  • 20 upgrades plot out the course of Amanda's adventure in a new story told across 5 chapters.


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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.5 GHZ or higher



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