Catherine Ragnor and the Cursed Island

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Catherine Ragnor and Edward the Blade sail the seas in search of adventure and treasure. A mysterious island not found on any map looks like exactly the place they should both investigate.

But an unexpected attack sinks Catherine's ship and leaves them stranded on the island, and exploring its depths proves that it is filled with dangers both natural and unnatural. A strange power hangs over the island, and a mysterious creature stalks its shores.

Will they learn the island's secrets and escape with their lives? Or will the island's dark power consume them all?

Game Features

  • Catherine Ragnor returns in a new tale of adventure, mystery, and curses.
  • 5 chapters tell the story, with 20 upgrades to follow her journey every step of the way.
  • Fun match-3 puzzles let you test your skills while gathering resources to proceed.
  • An exciting cast of characters takes the stage for this adventure, with faces both old and new.
  • And the island itself promises mystery and wonder for those who dare to brave its depths...


Awigor Studio

Game Languages

Release Date


Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.5 GHZ or higher



DirectX Version

9.0 or above

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