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ClearIt Eureka

ClearIt Eureka: Where Puzzles Spark Joy!

Welcome to the captivating world of ClearIt Eureka! This delightful game is your ticket to endless entertainment, combining brain-teasing puzzles with vibrant visuals. Whether you're a seasoned gamer or a casual enthusiast, get ready to embark on a colorful journey that will keep you engaged for hours on end.

Description: Picture a sun-drenched field, awash with brilliant colors and brimming with possibilities. In ClearIt Eureka, you'll find yourself facing a large, bright expanse, each level more intriguing than the last. Your mission? Simple yet addictive: strategically shoot balls from the edges of the field, aiming for the center. Align balls of the same color, watch them vanish, and clear the canvas. But beware—the challenge intensifies as you progress through the 230 levels. It's a puzzle paradise where precision meets playfulness.

How to Play:

  1. Select a ball from the row closest to the field.
  2. Aim and shoot along a straight line.
  3. Hit the center or collide with another ball.
  4. Witness the magic: when balls of the same color nestle together, they vanish!
  5. Your goal? Clear every ball from the field and advance to the next level.

Unlimited Adventure: The clock ticks, but time is on your side. The game offers unlimited playtime, allowing you to savor each challenge at your own pace. Yet, heed the warning: as complexity grows, so does the thrill. Will you conquer all 230 levels? Only the most astute players will emerge victorious.

Game Modes: Choose from five distinct game modes—each with its own twist. Whether you're a strategic mastermind or a quick-shot artist, there's a mode for you. Dive into the classic experience, explore timed challenges, or unravel mind-bending puzzles. The choice is yours!

ClearIt Eureka caters to adults seeking mental stimulation and younger players who crave colorful adventures. If you enjoy Match-3 games, love the thrill of bubble shooters, and revel in solving puzzles, this game is your digital playground.

  • 200 levels: Dive deep into the puzzle pool.
  • Vibrant gameplay: Each shot bursts with life.
  • 10 hours of gameplay: A marathon of fun awaits.

Get ready to shoot, strategize, and celebrate as you unravel the mysteries of ClearIt Eureka! Whether you're a puzzle prodigy or a curious novice, this game promises endless joy. So, aim true, clear the field, and let the Eureka moments unfold!



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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


2.0 GHz or higher



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