Cursed House 10

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Solve tricky Match3 levels, play bonus games and lift the curse!

The castle on the hill, once magnificent, has long since fallen into the domain of malevolence. Spirits that reside there care for nothing but the power of the Amulet. Gather mysterious coins to recharge the amulet and use its powers to banish the spirits once and for all!

How complex can Match 3 levels be? Cursed House 10 will bring the bar higher than before ! Instead of mindlessly moving the tiles, you will need to think strategically and consider every move. The game introduces new twists to the formula that make it feel fresh for returning players and exciting for new challengers! In this game we made some big improvements to our hints so that even the newest players can enjoy the game without getting frustrated! If you're stuck, just use that hint, it will help!
In addition, there are plenty of optional bonus games: Solitaires, Diamonds, Find the Difference and Hidden Object scenes!

And, of course, the new Amulet and the new castle to cleanse!



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Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.6 GHZ or higher



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