Halloween Trouble 5 Collector's Edition

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Halloween Trouble 5 Collector's Edition

Get ready for a bone-chilling Match -3 adventure like never before in Halloween Trouble 5! Step into the eerie world of spooks and surprises, where the line between tricks and treats blurs, and mysteries abound!

In this latest installment of the Halloween Trouble series, you find yourself at the enigmatic Halloween Manor, a place filled with secrets, scares, and supernatural occurrences. As you arrive, you realize that your friends are nowhere to be found, and the atmosphere is dripping with an unsettling silence...

  • Earn gold and collect Trophies!
  • Get into the Halloween mood!
  • Mysterious Storyline!
  • Pipe Joining, Slider, Jigsaw, and Memory minigames!
  • 100 levels of fun match making!

Special Collector's Edition bonuses and features:

  • Exclusive bonus Match-3 levels!
  • Even more Pipe Joining, Slider and Jigsaw minigames!
  • Bonus wallpaper artwork for you to keep!



Game Languages

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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.2 GHz or higher



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