Jewel Match Aquascapes Collector's Edition

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Dive into a wondrous Match-3 undersea world where the cares of life drift away! Match through corals and reefs across sprawling levels, and collect sparkling treasures to restore magnificent maritime mansions to their erstwhile splendor. Plunge into the spellbinding depths to solve mind-bending puzzle challenges with spot the difference scenes and jigsaw puzzles to gather resources.

Visit the shop and equip yourself with power-ups to help you as you delve into the infinite ocean. Explore tons of new game play elements like submarines, walls, conveyor belts, octopuses, and more! Immerse yourself in a delightful, relaxing soundtrack while you navigate the expansive Match-3 levels! Your aquatic adventure awaits in Jewel Match Aquascapes!

  • Explore 220 huge levels!
  • 72 additional bonus levels with new game features!
  • 3 different playmodes: timed, relaxed, and moves limited!
  • 3 difficulty settings: normal, advanced and insane.
  • Buy dozens of upgrades and power-ups from the shop.
  • Replayable mini-games games, including jigsaw puzzles and spot the difference scenes.
  • Stunning wallpapers.
  • Ethereal soundtrack.
Collector's Edition Features:
  • Strategy Guide!
  • MORE wallpapers!
  • Extra Jigsaw Puzzles!
  • Even MORE Spot The Differences!
  • Extra scenes, including the Making of Jewel Match Aquascapes!

Game Languages

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Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.2 GHz or higher



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