Jewel Quest 3

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This game will be available 7/16/2008

As Rupert and Emma decide to open a museum, their daughter Natalie falls ill while playing with a jeweled board. Her only hope is an artifact merely rumored to exist - the Golden Jewel Board. To make matters worse, Rupert must decipher cryptic clues left by someone who claims to hold the cure for Natalie. Visit every continent while searching for the fabled board and collect jewels and artifacts to fund your travels. Jewel Quest 3 features 200 levels in 11 regions! Play Jewel Quest 3 today!



Game Languages

Release Date


Operating System

Windows XP or Vista


Pentium 3 - 800MHz or better


256 MB for XP, 512 MB for Vista

DirectX Version

7.0 or above

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