Nocturnarya Collector's Edition

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Nocturnarya Collector's Edition

CharacterNocturnarya has succumbed to the human army's control, with vampires facing imminent annihilation. Embrace the role of leader, guiding a small vampire tribe towards salvation. Along the treacherous journey, confront slavers, bandits, and the invading soldiers. Reluctantly collaborate with the enigmatic Diabolical Nurse, encountering both partners and traitors.

Establish a thriving village, amass blood cartridges, and uncover the fabled Legendary Sword and Golden Mace. Nocturnarya has devolved into a lawless realm, overrun by humans. Restore order and become the supreme ruler of Nocturnarya!

  • 90 relaxing Match 3 levels!
  • Build a village from scratch!
  • Collect blood cartridges to unlock buildings!
  • Find the legendary sword and the golden mace!
  • Puzzle and Bloody Light minigames!
  • Match 3 battles!

Special Collector's Edition features:

  • 60 bonus Match 3 levels!
  • Exclusive buildings only in the collector's edition!
  • Bonus wallpapers for you to keep!
  • Extra stories!
  • Bonus Hidden Objects, Puzzles and Bloody Light mini-games!
  • Nocturne Gallery minigame!



Game Languages

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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


2.5 GHz or higher



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