The Chronicles of Robin Hood

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Returning home from war, a young nobleman finds that the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham has taken over and now rules with an iron fist. Determined to make things right, he attempts to fight back against the Sheriff, only to find himself on the run. Now he is a fugitive, an outlaw, but he has no intention of giving up.

Banding together with a group of thieves in the forest, the nobleman sets out to steal from the rich and give to the poor, all with the ultimate goal of removing the Sheriff from power. In his new role as noble thief, he also takes on a new name: Robin Hood.

Help Robin Hood and the Merry Men in their quest to take down the Sheriff of Nottingham!

Game Features
  • The classic story of Robin Hood, now retold across five chapters.
  • Join Robin Hood, Little John, Marion, and other familiar figures as they fight back against the corrupt Sheriff.
  • Enjoy challenging match-3 puzzle levels as Robin Hood's reputation spreads across the land.
  • Unlock 20 upgrades as Robin Hood goes from being a fugitive to one of the most respected and feared thieves in the land.


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