The Enthralling Realms: Knights and Orcs

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After years of war, the human and orc kingdoms established a new treaty with a strict law: no one from either side could cross the border. When the young human prince wanders into the orc lands by mistake, he is taken prisoner, and the king refuses to break the agreement.

Determined to save her brother, Princess Miriel rides alone into the enemy kingdom, only to learn it isn't orcs she'll be fighting.

The monstrous armies of the ancient being Darksoul have invaded the orc lands, destroying their villages and taking many prisoners—including Miriel's brother. With a more dangerous foe in front of her than she expected, Miriel will need to work with humans and orcs alike to rescue the prince.

But can the two races ever find peace, or will their age-old mistrust turn them against each other?

Game Features
  • A thrilling fantasy story about two warring races and a princess who risks everything to save her captured brother.
  • Experience this story across five chapters, each with four upgrades to help Miriel in her journey.
  • Challenging match-3 puzzles to build up your strength.
  • An exciting soundtrack for this fantasy tale.
  • A varied cast of characters forced to work together against a common enemy.


E-FunSoft Games

Game Languages

Release Date


Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.5 GHZ or higher

DirectX Version

9.0 or above

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