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Professor Fox has a big problem: The animals in the jungle are all going
missing. Fortunately, he knows just the person to take on the case: Agent Blonde!

They'll need your help as they circle the globe together, trying to get to the bottom of the mystery. You'll need to swap and pop cute animals as you work your way through hundreds of unique levels, each with its own challenges. Don't dilly-dally! Finish a level in the fewest moves possible to set off a chain-reaction of power-ups and earn mega-points as you chase that elusive third star.

Ultimately, your goal is to rescue the missing animals. Along the way, however, you'll take on a variety of side missions to earn vital rewards. You'll also encounter powerful boss monsters, which will test your puzzling skills to the maximum.

Wildlife Match features over 200 levels, which span 8 gorgeously-illustrated natural
environments. The gameplay stays fresh throughout, with power-ups to exploit, different types of hazards to contend with, individual level goals and, of course, the aforementioned monsters lurking around every corner.
  • A match-3 wildlife rescue!
  • Solve the mystery of the missing animals!
  • Agent Blonde and Professor Fox to the rescue!
  • A swapping and popping match-3 mystery!
  • Do you love animals, puzzles and mystery


Anawiki Games

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Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


2.0 GHz or higher



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