Art By Numbers 41

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Step into a world where colors dance and your creativity reigns supreme with Art By Numbers 41! This isn't just a game; it's a vibrant journey through a universe of hand-drawn wonders, where every stroke is a step towards mastering the canvas. Designed for the casual gamer with a penchant for artistry, this Paint by Numbers puzzle adventure invites you to wield your brush with purpose and joy.

For the Aspiring Artist:
  • 72 Spectacular Paintings: Embark on an artistic odyssey with a plethora of paintings that await your personal touch.
  • A Palette of Possibilities: Dozens of shades at your fingertips, ready to breathe life into every intricate design.
  • Your Brush, Your Rules: Whether you crave the texture of each brush stroke or prefer the sleek look of flat coloring, the choice is yours. Or, unleash your free spirit in our free coloring mode, painting the world in hues of your heart's desire.
For the Puzzle Solver:
  • Numbers as Your Guide: Find your flow as you match numbers to colors, transforming numbers into stunning visual feasts.
  • A Brush with Fun: The simple joy of seeing a scene come alive at the tip of your brush—addictive, satisfying, and utterly delightful.
For the Young, and Young at Heart:
  • A World of Color: Designed for adults but welcoming to children and young adults who find joy in painting, puzzles, and the vibrant world of artists.
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Engaging and Addictive Gameplay: Be the artist you've always dreamed of being, filling out numbers with the correct colors to complete each masterpiece.

Main Character: Your trusty paintbrush, the hero of every canvas, guiding you through each challenge with grace and precision.

Immerse Yourself in Art By Numbers 41, where every number holds the promise of a new creation, and every color tells a story. With features like:

  • 72 Brightful Color Paintings
  • Apply Brush Strokes to Your Art
  • Free Coloring Mode

Prepare to lose yourself in the joy of painting and puzzle-solving, where every number is a step towards creating something beautiful. Art By Numbers 41—where artistry meets fun, and every player is an artist in the making.


Awigor Studio

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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.0 GHz or higher



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