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Embark on a vibrant voyage with Art Coloring 25, where every number is a gateway to artistic wonder. This isn't just a game—it's a celebration of creativity, a puzzle that paints a thousand colors, and a journey into the heart of artistry. Perfect for casual gamers and designed to delight adults, children, and young adults alike, this Paint by Numbers adventure is your canvas for fun, relaxation, and the joy of painting.

Unleash Your Inner Artist:
  • 64 Masterpieces Await: From timeless classics to contemporary designs, your artistic flair can bring them all to life.
  • Color Your Way: Whether you're a fan of coloring by area or pixel-perfect precision, Art Coloring 25 caters to your style.
  • Textures and Tones: Choose from flat or textured coloring to add your personal touch to every piece
Relaxing, Fun, and Easy to Play:
  • Pick, Match, and Paint: Dive into a seamless experience of selecting colors, matching numbers, and watching your art unfold.
  • No Fuss, All Fun: Say goodbye to expensive art supplies and hello to hassle-free creativity at your fingertips.
  • Share Your Artistic Journey: Save your progress and share your masterpieces with an appreciative audience of friends and family.
More Than a Game:

A Creative Outlet: Art Coloring 25 is your digital easel, where you can express yourself and learn about the world of art.

With keywords like Paint by Numbers, puzzle, fun, and addictive, your art will be seen and admired by many.

Key Features to Highlight:

  • 72 Brightful Color Paintings: A spectrum of paintings to satisfy your artistic cravings.
  • Apply Brush Strokes to Your Art: Feel every stroke as you transform numbers into a visual symphony.
  • Free Coloring Mode: Break free from the numbers and let your imagination run wild.

Art Coloring 25: It's more than a game—it's a colorful quest for beauty, a puzzle that pleases the eye, and a Paint by Numbers experience that's truly addictive. Download now and color your world with joy!


Awigor Studio

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Operating System

Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.0 GHz or higher



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