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About This Game

Welcome to City Destructor!

Your goal is simple: Demolish cities!

Featuring two game modes:

Puzzle mode: Progress through the game by destroying cities. You need to do as much damage as you can, using a fixed amount of bombs! Can you beat all levels with a gold metal?

Playground mode: Every level you complete in puzzle mode, it becomes available in playground mode, where there are NO RULES! Place as many bombs as you like, combine different bombs to create a cinematic havoc! It's just "chill 'n' destroy"!

And in case you get bored, head over to the level editor and create your own city to destroy!

More havoc, more money!

Every building you demolish, every car you damage, it earns you Kaos Coins (Koins)
Spent your hard earned Koins to unlock new bombs and upgrades! Bigger bombs, bigger explosions, total demolition!

Destroy cities in style!

Bombs descriptions:
  • Kaos Bomb: This is the basic bomb,
  • Thrower Bomb: breaks pieces from the building throwing them outwards.
  • Imploder Bomb: collapses the whole building along its y axis
  • Cluster Bomb: spawns more bombs upon explosion.
  • Chrono Bomb: explodes and permanently slows time.
  • Black Hole Bomb: creates a vortex that can suck everything caught in its range.
  • KingBomb: Musical bomb (in the tune of "hall of the mountain king" by Edvard Grieg).
  • 1812 Bomb: Musical bomb (in the tune of "1812 Overture" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky).
  • William Bomb: Musical bomb (in the tune of "William Tell Overture" bt Gioachino Rossini).
  • CanCan Bomb: Musical bomb (in the tune of Can-Can Music by Jacques Offenbach).
  • RainDrop Bomb: will make it rain bombs, lots of bombs!
  • Stasis Field Bomb: stops time for anything that enters its field!
  • Meteor Bomb: spawns an unstoppable meteor that will crush anything in its path!
  • Antigravity Bomb: will sent anything enters its field flying!
Get your demolition game on!



Game Languages

Release Date


Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


Intel Core i5-4440



DirectX Version

9.0c or above

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