Forge Of Empires

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Building, buying and baking

Welcome to Forge of Empires! Take charge of a mighty empire: Build your city, lead it successfully through the ages, research new technologies, conquer the world and triumph over your opponents. This manual can be used as an important tool in your quest: here you will find information about the game, complete tables and valuable tips.

KingAim of the Game
The road to success lies in the wise use of resources - only if you find the right balance between revenue and expenditures can you unlock new technologies, improve your city further and follow the path to fame and glory.

The Ages

The Ages
You start as the leader of a small tribe. Over time you will develop yourself - you will explore new technologies, conquer territories and build your small village into a grand metropolis. The game is divided roughly into ages. You start off in the Stone Age, and will travel through the Bronze Age, Iron Age, the various phases of the Middle Ages, Colonial Age and Industrial Age. You will reach a new age by unlocking a technology of that period in your research tree. Once you enter into a new age, you will receive a new main building and your old one will automatically be replaced. In most cases, upon entry into a new age, you will receive a few new buildings that you can immediately build.

The Continent Map

The Continent Map
Developing and managing your city is not all. On the continent map, you can enlarge your empire as you bring it into your possession, province by province. It is worthwhile, because it reaps valuable rewards. The continent map is divided into sections that roughly correspond to the game ages. Your progress on the map corresponds approximately to your growth in research. And behold - there is a whole world beyond the continent map, with other maps and more adventures.

The Players

The Players
Primarily, you play in your city and on the continent map, but your interactions with other players in your neighborhood are the key to success and fun in the game. Trade with them to get much-needed resources. Visit their city and support it, or go in with your army and meet them on the battlefield during the regular tournaments to prove how good your skills are as a commander. Last but not least you can build famous, difficult-to-obtain Great Buildings in your city, but you will need the help of the the neighbors and friends to get the best out of them.



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