Desert Operations MMO

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Become the leader of a nation and take important economic and strategic decisions. Embark wars and forge alliances. Become the ruler of the world by fighting and expanding your territory. Invest your resources into the research of new technologies and stay ahead of your enemies. It's time to put you to the test against thousands of players. Can you get to the top of the league?

In this free strategy game you fight against thousands of players in the battle for resources and increase your influence on world politics by proclaiming alliances and declarations of war. Form alliances where you unite with your friends to fight against your enemies! Trade with your allies and spy on your opponents.

  • Build a base and defend it against players from around the world
  • Go to war as commander of a modern army
  • Complete alliances with allied players
  • Loot raw materials and multiply your power



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Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

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