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Imperia Online brings you into a world, which exists in the times before the age of gunpowder. It is the world of the sharp blade, long bow and war horse. A time of political intrigues, massive medieval battles, fortresses sieged by catapults and trebuchets, heavy knights wiping out entire armies, civillian population pillages and thousands of soldiers falling in a single battles. A times of powerful alliances, fighting eachother for total domination.

ENTER the Medieval era! BUILD your empire from the ground up, GUIDE its great rulers and LEAD it to prosperity!

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Experience vast amount of gameplay mechanics, which give you total freedom of how to become the ultimate Emperor, competing with thousands of other players in a totally realistic strategic simulation!

Build, develop and expand your empire
Turn your small village into a vast Empire by building and upgrading 30+ different buildings, each one of them contributing in a different way to your economic and military power. Annex new provinces and discover numerous sites, containing special resources to boost your economy!

Expand your empire

Create or join an alliance
Join a team of players, make friends and help them achieve total dominance! Invest in powerful alliance technologies, participate in total alliance wars or form even bigger federations to rule the realm!

Create or join an alliance

Guide the lives of your royal family
Choose nobles and court members to govern your Empire and its provinces and lead your armies in battle! Select between more than 100 skills and talents for your royalties and shape them the way you see fit!

Royal Family

Participate in global PvP Wars
Dive into extremely competitive environment, in which you fight against real players, who will test you to your very core! Prove yourself worthy and earn the respect of your enemies! Enlist for elite PvP tournaments and receive epic ranks and awards!

Dominate epic PvE events
Other players are not the only challenge in Imperia Online. Ancient and powerful enemies lurk in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to attack the players! Prepare your armies and march against these global threats, defeat them and reap massive rewards, artifacts and loot!

  • Manage lands!
  • Multiply resources!
  • Build an army and lead epic battles!
  • Become the ancestor of the royal dynasty!
  • Conduct diplomatic negotiations!
  • Become the ruler of all lands!

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