Alice's Wonderland 2 Stolen Souls

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More than a year has passed by and Alice's memory of Wonderland is already not
so vivid. One night the girl hears as though the White Rabbit is calling for her. She
understands that her friends are in need and tries to return to the land of the fairy

Having it, finally, done, Alice finds herself in the Queen's garden. No sign of the
Queen of Hearts or the girl's friends, only the March Hare who have discovered
vast stocks of coffee and is causing mayhem in the garden - once well-tended and
beautiful. Alice does her best to stop the March Hare and meets the Queen of
Hearts. She tells the girl about the fate of her friends and a new danger threatening
Wonderland. The Queen of Spades has got her hands on the Informer, a powerful
artifact. It can change options of any Wonderland character's soul - the kind turns
evil, the brave - coward and the merciful - cold-hearted. The White Rabbit and the
Mad Hatter have tried to stop atrocities of the Sovereign of the Spades and now
there is no word from them.

So, Alice heads off for a long journey. During her wanderings she has to overcome
her own doubts and fears and to handle the Queen of Spades lapdogs and the girls'
former friends who are now trying to capture her and hand over to the villains. In
the course of her journey, the girl gets to know the story of the Informer and finds
a piece of its mechanism which helps to amend the souls affected by the artifact.
The girl makes new friends and visit marvelous corners of Wonderland.
Finally, Alice is to obtain the Informer and defeat the Queen of Spades to make up
for all her atrocities and bring back the girl's friends.


AK23 Ltd

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