Arcane Arts 2: Magic Management

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Arcane Arts 2: Magic Management


Welcome back to Arcane Arts Academy, the most prestigious school for magically gifted students in the world! In this thrilling sequel to the hit game Arcane Arts Academy, you will join Erika and her friends as they face new challenges, mysteries, and dangers in their second year of magical studies.

Arcane Arts 2: Magic Management is a captivating time management game that will immerse you in a rich and enchanting story. You will follow Erika, a talented young witch who has a knack for fixing engines and a heart of gold. But her life is not easy, as she has to deal with a new rector, Vertigo Tinley, who seems to have a hidden agenda, and a new prefect, Dominic, who makes her life miserable. She also has to cope with the aftermath of the previous year, when the Academy was attacked by the Chaos Extremists, a group of rogue sorcerers who want to unleash chaos and destruction.

Who is the mysterious sponsor who is helping to rebuild the Academy? Is it Aiden Graves, the handsome and mysterious heir of the Graves family? And what will happen when Erika meets someone from her past who reopens old wounds?

But Erika is not alone in her journey. She has the support of her friends, Markov, Siren, and Lila, who have their own secrets and struggles. Markov is determined to find out more about the Chaos Extremists and their leader, the Shadow Master. Siren is worried about the fate of her little son, who has inherited her rare and powerful magic. And Lila is trying to balance her studies and her love life, while hiding a dark secret from her family.

In Arcane Arts 2: Magic Management, you will help Erika and her friends overcome the new challenges and dangers that await them in the next academic year. You will also enjoy the following features:

  • Experience a time management game in an unforgettable magical setting, where you will learn new spells, create amazing potions, and explore the secrets of the Academy!
  • Enjoy gorgeous artistically-rendered environments that are perfectly suited for mobile devices, and that will transport you to a world of magic and wonder!
  • Play 60 engaging levels that offer hours of unique gameplay, where you will have to manage your time and actions wisely, and deal with different characters and situations!
  • Watch 120 beautiful story-driven cutscenes that will keep you hooked to the story, and that include a unique intro and outro for every level!
  • Spend diamonds to decorate the students common room, and make it your own cozy and comfortable space!
  • Immerse yourself in the magic with an enchanting atmospheric soundtrack that will enhance your gaming experience!

If you are a fan of magic, romance, and adventure, then you will love Arcane Arts 2: Magic Management, the ultimate time management game for your device. Download it today and join Erika and her friends in their magical journey!



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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


2.5 Ghz Intel® Core™2 Duo



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