Crown of the Empire: Around the World Collector's Edition

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Elena never dreamed of marrying a prince and being bathed in luxury. While her sister daydreamed of new dresses, Elena delved into the darkest caves in search of eerie secrets and mysteries. And even status of chief maid of honor didn't dampen her ardor. One day, when the queen's favorite corgi went missing, Elena and the crown prince went in search of it. And when the dog was in the maid of honor's hands, the prince turned out to be missing. And there's reason to believe that it was a planned kidnapping!
  • Help the queen's maid of honor solve the case of the kidnapped prince!
  • Over 40 levels and a variety of quests.
  • Enthralling gameplay for all ages.
  • A simple tutorial, increasing difficulty and a multitude of trophies for experts.
  • An upbeat plot, colorful characters and an extraordinary magical world.


8Floor LTD

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Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.0 GHz or higher



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