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Heard legends of monsters? Today is their last day on Earth. Every dinosaur is in danger! This is the real dragon mania and the best time manager of dinosaur games!
We'll tell you how it all began.

Brian, an outstanding (though some may say eccentric!) scientist, has spent his whole life immersed in stories of dragons in the dinosaur era. He believed that he would one day meet a real dragon. Brian invented a time machine that sent him hurtling into the jurassic park, to see war dragons! But forget about a leisurely stroll through the land of the dinosaurs: his old friend vicious Doctor Austin Awful - dino hunter is already there waiting! He invented his own time machine before Brian and has already managed to run amock in the past! Doctor Awful dino hunter creates nothing but distress.

The good dinosaur Helen will happily help you: she'll remove turf, create a lighthouse, create a sea bunker and help create a themed park, get you an artifact, and carry out commands. When fraudsters try to take your land, you can use super-equipment (and even create pitchforks!). We're sure you'll succeed before the harvest. You will journey into a time when there were no pharaohs, fairies, tribal, brownies, dwarfs or orcs. You won't see a magical city or other worlds. Only the final day of the dinosaurs, if you don't save them.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help. You aren't scared of a little Godzilla, are you? This is not a hunting games! This building games and zoo tycoon! Brian stop Doctor Awful in an adventure full of mystery, research, and of course, time travel. All that and more awaits in this exciting science fiction adventure thrillride! 50 unique levels, tons of different objectives, super cool settings, dragon city and a fun and engaging plot are yours to explore now. Construct buildings, tame dinosaurs, look for the scape, manage resources, create a garden and build other awesome structures - dragon mania legends will open up before you. Simple controls and smooth game mechanics will help you get going in no time. But if you still don't understand something, you can always use the Help menu.

DayD the best dragon games: Through time is an exciting adventure through the dinosaur era! If you like parking games, roller coaster tycoon, rollercoaster tycoon, survival games, farm heroes, flintstones and more - this game is for you!
  • Jurassic world the game: a unique world with elements of both the past and future
  • A funny plot with interesting characters that reads like a comic
  • Tons of unique objectives
  • Get to know different supremacy, carnivore and dinosaurs: pterodactyls, t-rex, triceratops and others.
  • All sorts of different locations, parks, green farm, islands of adventure and beautiful landscape
  • Crucial bonuses: fast build, accelerated run, slow down time.
  • Easy controls and a clear tutorial.
  • This game is a museum of the animal kingdom. This is - chronicle homeland!
  • A special soundtrack


8Floor LTD

Game Languages

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Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


Pentium 4 - 2.0 Ghz or better



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