Elven Rivers 4: Raging Waves

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Elven Rivers 4: Raging Waves

CharacterEven if Celene, a young elven scout, doesn't intentionally look for adventures, they find her instead. This time she is opposed by a dangerous flood that threatens to spread all over the eastern marshlands.

A horn blows faintly in the distance, and mighty tides rise as if answering to it. Calm and lazy rivers turn into fierce frothing streams that will trample on everything they come upon, truly an embodiment of nature's anger! Regular houses, bridges, and even damns won't stand a chance against the waves.

But there's also a chance someone purposely attacked the damns to weaken them. Indeed, there has been this tiny inconspicuous shadow sneaking around the construction site... surely they're up to no good!

  • Experience an exciting fantasy story where you will need to hold strong against powerful tides!
  • Find an unexpected ally and embrace the path of science and fine craftsmanship!
  • Choose between multiple game modes: from a relaxed story-driven experience to an intense race against time!
  • Find collectibles and earn achievements!


8Floor LTD

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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


2.0 GHz or higher



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