Fables of the Kingdom V Collector's Edition

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Fables of the Kingdom 5 Collector's Edition


Embark on an Epic Quest in Fables of the Kingdom 5 Collector's Edition!

After triumphing over the sinister mirror, Kevin and his loyal friends return home, expecting a tranquil future. However, appearances can be deceiving. Unbeknownst to them, they've unwittingly crossed into the mirror world—a realm where illusion and reality blur. The mirror's enchantment weaves a web of liberty and tranquility within their minds, while ensnaring their souls and bodies within the confines of Tartarus. Fear not, for these steadfast heroes won't yield! Can you join them in their quest to break free from ancient evil's grasp and find true freedom?

Features That Set the Collector's Edition Apart:

  • Extra Story in the Bonus Chapter: Dive deeper into the saga with exclusive content.
  • Fun, Colorful Wallpapers: Adorn your desktop with vibrant scenes from the game.
  • Helpful Guide: Navigate tough spots with ease using the included guide.

Key Quest Elements:

  • Defeat an Ancient Evil: Face off against malevolent forces that threaten the very fabric of reality.
  • 40 Levels of Time Management Fun: Strategize, allocate resources, and overcome challenges in this captivating time-management adventure.

Explore the Kingdom of Tartarus:

The mirror world awaits, and Kevin's fate hangs in the balance. Will you unravel the enchantment, break free from illusion, and restore true liberty? The Kingdom of Tartarus holds secrets, mysteries, and a battle for freedom like no other.

Who Will Enjoy This Adventure?

  • Fans of time-management games seeking a blend of strategy and excitement.
  • Adventure enthusiasts hungry for a journey beyond the ordinary.
  • Fantasy lovers ready to unravel ancient mysteries.

The mirror beckons, and destiny awaits. Will you heed the call and rewrite the tale of Kevin and his friends? Download Fables of the Kingdom 5 Collector's Edition now and embark on an unforgettable adventure!


Sofka Games

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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.6 GHZ or higher



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