Gnomes Garden - Return Of The Queen

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Who is that, rushing on a ship through the wild sea? It's the Gnome Queen, hurrying to visit the Harpy Kingdom with her true friends. But you should stay alert, as the pirates can be in these waters! Those villains attacked and sunk the ship after a long cannon battle. Once they reached the depths, the friends were imprisoned by the Sea Overlord. That harsh ruler only agreed to release the heroes if they meet his conditions.

You loyal subjects are waiting for your help! Go to awesome places on a wonderful new adventure with the Queen and her friends — an Undersea Kingdom, Magic Monastery and many others! Secrets, mystical creatures and mysterious events are all part of the Gnomes Garden: Return of the Queen casual fantasy strategy game. Lots of different tasks, over 40 levels, an exciting story, simple and fun gameplay and an unusual universe await. The Gnomes garden: Return of the Queen - Help the Queen rescue her friends!
  • Help the Queen rescue friends!
  • Over 40 levels and a variety of quests.
  • Enthralling gameplay for all ages.
  • A simple tutorial, increasing difficulty and a multitude of trophies for experts.
  • An upbeat plot, colorful characters and an extraordinary magical world.


8Floor LTD

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Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 - 64bit


2.0 GHz or higher



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