Incredible Dracula 3-in-1 Collectors Bundle

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Three spooky, yet funny, adventures in one collectors package, for one great price!

Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition
Incredible Dracula: Chasing Love Collector's Edition is a hilarious time management game. A very determined princess takes a liking to Count Dracula and that puts him in a pickle. The problem is that he doesn't love her back. So... he makes a run for it! Guide Dracula and his minions through a fun and funny fantasy world. Gather resources, repair villages, fight off enemies and help the people you come across. Count Dracula may have a bad reputation, but he's really a nice guy. Really.

Incredible Dracula 2: The Last Call Collector's Edition
In Incredible Dracula: The Last Call Collector's Edition, someone is using cell phones to zombify the masses! Rebuild ransacked villages. Collect resources. Complete challenges. And, search for the scoundrel behind this dastardly deed! Will you answer this call?

Incredible Dracula 3: Family Secret Collector's Edition
Save Dracula from the unspeakable horror of pesky relatives in this thrilling new adventure! When a gaggle of Dracula's distant kinfolk shows up at his castle expecting a warm welcome from their cold-blooded host, he begrudgingly accommodates them. But when they won't leave, his patience wears thin. To send them on their way and reclaim his former title as Lord of the Castle, he'll have to capture the creature that demolished his family's estates and return their homes to pristine condition.

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Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.6 GHZ or higher



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