My Kingdom for the Princess

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This game will be available 8/12/2009

My Kingdom for the Princess is a cute and whimsical strategy game! Princess Helen is on her way to visit her uncle, King Sigmund, when a sudden tornado wreaks havoc on the kingdom. The tornado also happens to wake up Firemouth the dragon, who has an appetite for, legend goes, 37 people. To make matters worse, King Olgert was struck by lightning, and the Princess must make it to the castle in time to care for him. Enter Arthur, a knight famed for his wit and courage, who answers the call to escort Princess Helen safely to the castle. Together, they must navigate ruined hamlets, broken roads, and a hungry dragon looking for snacks! Play My Kingdom for the Princess today!



Game Languages

Release Date


Operating System

Windows XP or Vista


Pentium 3 - 600MHz or better



DirectX Version

8.1 or above