Secret Diaries: Manage a Manor

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Secret Diaries: Manage a Manor


Secret Diaries: Manage a Manor - A Time Management Romance in the 19th Century

Do you love romance, drama, and intrigue? Then you will love Secret Diaries: Manage a Manor, the time management game that will take you to the 19th century, where you will play as Jane, a maiden too bright for her time.

In this game, you will inherit a mysterious manor from your uncle, but there is a catch: you must find a husband before the season ends. But this is no easy feat! You will have to navigate the complex rules and customs of high society, earn an impeccable reputation, and deal with the many plots and schemes that surround you.

Will you choose to lead a single life of your own, or will you find a partner for life? If so, who will it be? A kind and gallant heir, a distant but brilliant widower, or an unscrupulous officer who wants to live life to the fullest? The choice is yours, but remember: you must also fight for your own happiness, even at the risk of your own reputation.

Secret Diaries: Manage a Manor features 60 levels of engaging storyline, where you will experience life in 19th-century high society. You will also enjoy five mini-games, where you will prove your dexterity and smarts. You will explore five colorful locations, filled with charismatic characters and scandalous secrets. And you will break traditions by playing a strong female character who cares about others. The heroines can save themselves!

Secret Diaries: Manage a Manor is more than just a time management game. It is a time management romance, where you will immerse yourself in the 19th century, manage a manor, and find your true love. Download it today and start your adventure!



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Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


2.5 Ghz Intel® Core™2 Duo



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