Detective March Forward - The Missing Will

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March isn't your typical youngster. She has a knack for mysteries and an itch to solve them. Naturally, getting her first-ever case from her best friend Milly fills her with excitement, but it won't be an easy one.

Mr. Peter, Milly's grandfather, passed away, leaving behind a will that has gone missing. Milly's suspicious-looking uncle claims to be in possession of it. There's no telling if it's true, though, as he is both cunning and dastardly. On top of that, Mr. Peter has come back as a ghost, haunting the very mansion he once lived in. March will have to both tackle the case and deal with Mr. Peter's ghostly shenanigans. And the clock is ticking.

In this brand new point-and-click adventure game, you will take on the role of March Forward to search for the truth behind Mr. Peter's missing will. You'll have to use your keen eyes and detective's logic to find clues. Use your camera to take snapshots of scenes to review clues and have March find solutions to puzzles. Solve brain-wracking puzzles to unravel who is in possession of the will and, consequently, holds Milly's future in their hands. Keep a lookout for the playfully mischievous ghost of Mr. Peter who'll try to help March along the way.

On this adventure, you will experience:
  • Beautiful and colorful classic cartoon art style
  • Fully voice-acted scenes in English with subtitles
  • Unique camera system for reviewing clues and looking for missing items
  • Dozens of puzzles to solve, each more brain-wracking than the last


Deertwig Studio

Game Languages

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Operating System

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.5 GHZ or higher



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