Dracula 3 Series Part 2: The Myth of the Vampire

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This game will be available 4/20/2011

Back from Budapest, Father Arno continues his investigation. He has received new clues but is no closer to solving the mystery of who or what is plaguing the town. Later, Stephan Luca, the journalist who discussed vampires with Father Arno, is found dead in his room at the inn. It is now obvious that dark forces are at work....Continue this exciting, gritty hidden object game in Dracula 3 Series Part 2: The Myth of the Vampire. Featuring gorgeous scenes, a variety of puzzles, and a chilling storyline, this is one hidden object game you will not want to miss.



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Operating System

Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP


Pentium 2 - 233MHz or better



DirectX Version

7.0 or above

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