The Cabinets of Doctor Arcana

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The Cabinets of Doctor Arcana is a dark adventure game set inside the haunted mansion of a mysterious magician who vanished several years ago. On a dark and stormy Halloween night, you find yourself standing before the gothic gates of Arcana Manor. A strange force compels you to find a way in, but as soon as you set foot inside the mansion, the door slams shut behind you, sealing you inside the eerie manor house. A ghostly vision appears before you, presenting you with a challenge: Resolve a maze of riddles and perplexing puzzles, or be doomed to spend eternity locked inside the inescapable mansion. Do you dare accept the deadly challenge to discover the secrets that lie within The Cabinets of Doctor Arcana? Once you begin, there's no turning back.

In addition to solving a variety of devious puzzles to unlock the mansion's darkest secrets, players are also subjected to taunting remarks from Doctor Arcana throughout their adventure, and lost souls who consult the in-game walkthrough, aptly named The Cheater's Compendium, will be scolded and ridiculed for doing so. For those seeking something more mentally stimulating than the usual arcade game or hidden object adventure, this is the game for you.
  • A captivating mystery set in the realm of magic and illusion.
  • Over 50 perplexing puzzles and mind-bending mazes.
  • Original soundtrack by Nox Arcana.
  • In-game art gallery featuring eerie works by Joseph Vargo.
  • Detailed walkthrough from Doctor Arcana himself.

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Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


1.5 GHZ or higher



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